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From Law School to AlphaSights: Why I Chose a Business Environment

July 09 |

Coming from Belgium, I moved to London two years ago to read a Masters of Law at the London School of Economics. At the end of my year at LSE, I started to think about my first career step. Having studied Law for several years, the classic career path was clear. However, my taste for new challenges led me to a more commercial environment, rather than a purely legal one.

While applying for roles in London, I came across the position of Client Protection at AlphaSights. Both the company and this specific role provided the opportunity to develop a large range of skills that are beyond what I could have expected in the first job at a law firm.

AlphaSights’ Client Protection team offers a unique opportunity to put the legal skills acquired through my studies into practice. While we do not address our clients’ legal issues, the function is designed to help our clients access knowledge safely and follow their specific requirements. We have a wide remit and operate on a variety of topics from policy and product development to training and oversight. As a team, and as individuals, we have to adapt quickly in a fast-paced environment where projects present a huge range of industries, geographies, and clients.

My role requires attention to detail, problem-solving skills, lots of responsibility, as well as constant communication. We help and advise our Client Service teams on the best way to deal with complex situations. As such, the better the internal lines communication within AlphaSights, the better the service we provide to our clients. It is essential to liaise with junior and senior stakeholders across all our offices – our function is present globally. The variety of situations I encounter every day means that there is always something new to learn. I never know what the day will throw at me, and that makes my job exciting.

In addition to early challenges and access to a rich business environment, AlphaSights’ employees experience a truly unique culture. We come from all backgrounds, cultures, have studied many different topics and in total, we speak over 35 languages! Crossing AlphaSights’ doors immediately immerse you in the greatest mixture of cultures you would ever face, and I believe this is where our best asset lies.


Justine Vilain joined AlphaSights in July of 2015 and served as an Associate on our Client Protection team.