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From Investment Banking to AlphaSights

July 29 |

I joined AlphaSights in May 2014 after three years in Fixed Income at a large British Investment Bank in London. Having graduated with an MSc in Finance from HEC Paris and a BSc in Maths & Economics, plus two internships in investment banking (M&A and Financial Markets), my career in finance was mapped out: I would join as an Analyst on the trading floor at a big brand name firm, work hard, get promoted and earn more money quicker than anyone else. Everything made sense, but six months ago I decided to join AlphaSights, and haven’t looked back since.

Investment Banking was fun and, although it was at times overwhelming, I learned a lot. I gained exposure to high-profile clients from day one, developed my knowledge of fixed income markets (which were all over the place at the time), and began to acquire strong commercial and negotiation skills. But something was missing. The learning curve had been steep, but by the time I got promoted to an Associate, it felt like I had reached my peak in terms of professional and personal development. The day-to-day tasks were repetitive and my responsibilities were becoming more automated and restricted by the new financial regulations. Given the challenges many banks were experiencing at the time, the job prospects within Investment Banking were not so great. In a nutshell, I was no longer excited by my role and felt like it was time to move on.

By the time I applied to AlphaSights, I had realized I wanted to leave Banking and join a firm where the scope for responsibility, progression, and personal growth would be greater. I did not have a clear idea of which industry I would want to explore, nor did I know what the “knowledge economy” was. Prior to my interviews, I spent a lot of time researching and reading articles about organizations such as AlphaSights and was inspired by the business model. The interview process was challenging but smooth and I “clicked” with the people I met. Crucially, I was confident that our two Co-founders, Max and Andrew, had the right talent-based strategy in mind to drive growth. In short, I wanted to be part of AlphaSights’ success story and did not think twice when I finally got the job offer.

October will be my sixth month at AlphaSights, and so far it has been an amazing journey. I now have full ownership of a portfolio of demanding but fascinating clients, and I am running my own projects. I love the fact that I am looking at different industries every day, from the German car manufacturing market to online gaming in Eastern Europe. I completely fit within AlphaSights’ culture, based on teamwork, drive, and merit, and enjoy spending time with my colleagues outside work. AlphaSights is not a startup anymore, but it still has the entrepreneurial spirit I was looking for, meaning there are always opportunities to get involved in other parts of the business. There is never a dull moment at AlphaSights and after my experience in a strict corporate environment, it is refreshing to be somewhere where work can be not only stimulating but also fun!

Rebecca joined AlphaSights in May of 2014 and served as a Manager for our Client and Business Development team.