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AlphaSights in New York: Winning On and Off the Field

July 07 |

AlphaSights is home to a couple dozen former NCAA athletes—but unfortunately, I am not one of them. My talents were better suited to the intramural fields, where I’d like to think I was as prolific as anyone. As a senior at Richmond, I dreaded leaving the world of recreational sports leagues and hanging up my IM cleats. But upon arriving to AlphaSights, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I would not need to retire. I grew up playing sports, and love the competition—regardless of the size of the spotlight. At AlphaSights, I quickly learnt that I would get to participate (and win) in recreational corporate sports leagues all year round.

Since joining AlphaSights in August 2014, I have been a part of over 10 different AlphaSights IM teams for soccer, basketball, softball, bowling, and dodgeball. As any company grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to interact and spend time with everyone in the company. Sport is great in that it unites people across teams and across functions. It creates an opportunity for me to bond with colleagues from recruitment, software engineering, and other client service teams, and facilitates the spread of ideas and stronger relationships across the office. During my first few months at AlphaSights, these leagues allowed me to meet my new colleagues across the office in ways that I could not have by sitting at a desk.

Currently, over a third of employees in the AlphaSights New York office participate in sports. Leagues are casual and talent ranges from former D1 athletes to first time players. While the post-game celebration at Dylan Murphys or Riverwalk is often a highlight, AlphaSports players take their competitive nature to the fields: the Alphas in the Outfield are currently sitting undefeated in our spring softball league; the ReAlphaStars will be looking to repeat as league champs in the summer soccer league; nobody showed more heart on the winter bowling lanes than the AlphaStrikes, and the AlphaBallers are a year round basketball powerhouse.

To all those out there that are looking to crush it on and off the field, we can leave some roster spots open for you.


Ethan joined AlphaSights in August 2014 and serves as an Associate on our Corporate segment.