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Accelerate Consulting Career Skills with AlphaSights Partnership Program

August 19 |

Last year, the Harvard College Consulting Group (HCCG) partnered with AlphaSights’ Taylor Brown, Daniel Sprofera, Izzy Spada, and Geralyn Klein to connect with 15+ experts to conduct interviews for their casework. HCCG partners with client companies to find and present solutions to real-world business problems — and more college consulting clubs are following suit. The group was trained on how to conduct effective expert interviews, which of our services to leverage and when, plus tips and tricks for success in the consulting industry. The HCCG students are now ready to hit the ground running when they begin their careers in consulting after our partnership program.

We sat down with Albert Mao, the Vice President of Consulting at HCCG, and asked him to share more about his experience with AlphaSights:

How did AlphaSights help you with your casework and responsibilities in HCCG?

HCCG used AlphaSights in two main scenarios:

  • When niche expertise would aid and/or validate our research for an HCCG project
  • When the HCCG team needed to get up to speed quickly about an industry

Through AlphaSights services, our members got up to speed on client needs quicker, talked to potential customers and competitors, and used the insights gained to make robust recommendations to our end clients.

For example, I specifically oversaw a case this past semester where we needed to speak with an expert in consumer packaged goods (CPG) to understand best practices about supply chain and logistics for the client we were working with. My team synthesized insights from our expert call with a former VP at a leading beverage company with our own data analysis to offer more specific recommendations to our client.

How did AlphaSights fit into your workflow and provide value?

AlphaSights integrated into the HCCG workflow very smoothly. When our teams thought speaking with an expert would improve our deliverables, we worked with our dedicated account manager to identify the characteristics of an expert that would best suit our project needs. Our AlphaSights team then promptly found a relevant expert, which allowed our team to quickly integrate our findings into our deliverables for the client.

AlphaSights helped to drive HCCG’s success through the stellar relationship built between both parties. The AlphaSights team continually solicited feedback, had a good understanding of the types of projects we worked on, was prompt in answering requests, and treated confidentiality seriously. I was very impressed with the high standard AlphaSights set right from the beginning.

What skills and experiences did you gain when partnering with AlphaSights?

AlphaSights conducted a training with us on how to best leverage a knowledge services provider. Our members learned how to engage with an external vendor, determine which types of experts are helpful in various scenarios, and ask the right questions on calls to solicit the insights we needed.

Personally, partnering with AlphaSights helped me hit the ground running during my summer internship at an MBB consulting firm. Expert interviews were used extensively during my internship (and will be used extensively in my future, full-time consulting role as well), so having previous experience with AlphaSights in college boosted my confidence in my summer projects and enabled me to produce better work.

Would you recommend AlphaSights Partnership Program to your peers or future colleagues?

AlphaSights has been an amazing partner and we’d recommend AlphaSights enthusiastically! Part of HCCG’s mission is to provide a distinctive educational experience for our members — AlphaSights is one of the ways we achieve that goal.

Speaking on behalf of a lot of HCCGers, we’ve learned a lot from the experts we connected with — whether it was about an industry or how an expert solved a problem in his/her career. On top of using expert insights to aid HCCG’s clients, the conversations have helped HCCGers sharpen their business knowledge and network with the world’s top professionals.

AlphaSights launched its partnership program with the Harvard College Consulting Group  (HCCG) for the duration of the 2020 academic year. The group was founded in 2000 and provides top-level consulting services across seven practice areas for 36 clients each year, including Fortune 500s, public institutions, start-ups, and nonprofits, to solve high-impact business challenges. The club is made up of Harvard students from a variety of backgrounds, many of whom graduate to work at top-tier consulting firms such as McKinsey, Bain, and BCG.

AlphaSights provided access to experts to support the group’s consulting projects. Our partnership’s mission is to expose college students to our services early in their careers so they know the quality and depth of research, support, and insights they can access in real-time to springboard their success at work.

Top consulting firms are one of AlphaSights’ biggest client groups, and we have created strong working relationships with users who were part of consulting clubs like HCCG when they were in college. We, therefore, felt that HCCG was the perfect club to launch our partnership program.

For those interested in entering the consulting industry, the hands-on experience offered through the AlphaSights Partnership Program gives you skills and experiences that offer a competitive advantage over other applicants. If you’re a member of a college consulting club and are interested in exploring a potential partnership between your club and AlphaSights, please reach out to