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A Day In The Life on Client Protection: Client Protection

February 26 |


The Client Protection (CP) team at AlphaSights is here to do just what its name entails: protect our clients. They ensure that clients use our services and access the knowledge they need safely. Therefore, it’s important that our CP team is always available and ready, no matter the time zone, as a resource for both clients and employees.

When Carly moved to AlphaSights’ San Francisco office, she strengthened CP’s 24-hour global coverage. Before, they had team members based in New York, London, Hong Kong and Shanghai, and it was tricky for the New York and Asia teams to communicate due to opposite time zones. Now, Carly serves as a liaison between New York and Asia teams to share learning experiences across regions and collaborate on global projects. Being based in Pacific Standard Time, she can also help support our West Coast based clients more effectively.

A typical day in the office

One glaring difference in my routine now that I’m in SF is that my mornings are much busier than my afternoons. When I come in, I catch up on emails or messages from Asia the night before plus from New York and London that morning.

There are a few communication channels I go through: emails directed to me, emails flagged to the whole global team and the regional team, and messages in our CP Slack channel. Since we’re such a collaborative team, we frequently use the instant messaging platform, Slack, to assign quick tasks and update the team on new scenarios or best practices. After I’m caught up on all communication from the rest of the offices, my mornings are pretty meeting-heavy in order to meet or collaborate with the other teams while they’re still online.

We have a US priorities checkpoint twice a week to discuss what’s on deck that week, touch base about our current projects, and our capacity. The NY team was very communicative when I worked in New York so we make an effort to stay just as connected even though I’m in a new office. I still feel very much part of the team and I appreciate that my managers, Emily Van Horn and Chloe Lui, take the time to ensure that I’m in the loop and feel supported.

I meet with the Asia CP team twice a week – my evening is their morning! We use this time to update each other on the projects we’re working on and I share any learnings from the US team and vice versa. There are a few hours in the afternoon after the NY CP team logs off and before the Asia CP team comes on where I’m the only member on CP online so it’s my responsibility to handle all outstanding requests. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to grow a much stronger relationship with my colleagues in Asia now that I have closer access to them as a resource if I need any help.

The Global CP team enjoying their offsite in London

During the day, I work with colleagues on our Client Services team (CST) to answer any questions about compliance or safety related to a client or advisor. We get a lot of requests and new scenarios everyday so it’s a great chance to strategically problem-solve as well as develop best practices for our team.

I’d say about 70% of my day is reactively providing coverage for CST and our clients and then the other 30% is spent working on proactive CP projects. Some of these projects include assessing and anticipating risk so we can put processes in place ahead of time and avoid any types of compliance issues and working with our software engineering and product teams to identify new products that would enhance our CP functionality.

Currently, I’m working on a project related to our advisors that’ll have a significant impact within the firm. Some of the questions I’m considering are “How can we implement this project into our system? How can we scale globally?” One of the best things about working on a global team is that someone can always work on a project at all times. I’ll contribute to a project and then pass it on to my colleagues in Asia who will pass it on to London and then I’ll work on it again when I’m back in office. With someone always on, our work gets done much faster.

I’m working closely with associates in London and Asia on another project related to strengthening global CP training assessment for our employees. I’m helping with the US-based perspective; conducting round tables with CST associates, managers, and regional VPs to identify knowledge gaps in our current trainings. We’re hoping to to build a program that strategically meets the needs of CST in each segment, business unit, and team.

Team Culture

Our strong team dynamic makes it easier to work with each other everyday as you understand people’s strengths, feedback preferences, and opportunities to grow. When I worked in New York, I was a huge proponent of team building. I played a key role in planning team events and our team always put aside time during afternoon boards to do a “Question of the Day”.

Since I’ve moved to San Francisco, it’s obviously changed a little bit since I’m not on the desk all day with my team. However, we both make an effort to see each other once, sometimes twice, a day over Google Hangouts and plan ahead for US team events. My manager will come out to the west coast to see me once every quarter and I also plan to return to the east coast for work trips and we have a team event already planned.

The New York team with their Summer interns
enjoying a BBQ at her global manager Chloe Lui’s, rooftop

I’m really enjoying my role out in San Francisco because it’s allowed me to have an immense amount of autonomy, build new relationships with colleagues around the world, and develop professionally as we expand our team in this regional office.

If you’re interested in joining our Client Protection team, visit our open positions page here

Carly graduated from the University of Delaware and started in AlphaSights’ New York office. She recently moved to our San Francisco office and is the first Client Protection associate on the West Coast.