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3 Ways to Stand Out at Career Fairs and Networking Events

August 19 |

Your first interaction with an employer may well be at your University Career Fair. Although it is not an interview, it is definitely an opportunity for you to differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd. The best way for you to make a good impression with the people who could potentially be interviewing you at a later stage is to come along prepared, engaged and, most importantly, be yourself. Here are a few tips I recommend:

Plan ahead

Candidates who have done their research are the ones who stand out the most. Ahead of your Career Fair, familiarise yourself with the exhibitors and opportunities on offer. Gather a broad idea of what a company does and how it differs from competitors to show you are proactive and not waiting for an opportunity to fall into your lap. Dress appropriately in smart/casual attire to ensure you are remembered in the right way!

Ask meaningful questions

Once you have introduced yourself, put that research into practice by discussing your initial impressions of the company and asking relevant questions. Don’t forget to share some information about yourself to make sure we remember you. At AlphaSights, we are looking for adaptable and action-orientated individuals who are excited to play their part in building a world-class professional services firm. The engagement stage is a great opportunity for you to demonstrate that.

Don’t miss the “takeaways”

No, I am not referring to the free slices of pizza here! It may be tempting to meet up with your friends and collect masses of freebies, but make it clear to employers that you are interested in their firm by attending stalls on your own and speaking to them before grabbing that free bottle opener. When you are ready to leave the stand, take away materials relevant to you and sign up for updates from the company if you can. Don’t be afraid to follow up by email on any discussions that you have had, to ensure that employers are left with a lasting impression.

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