Summer Associate Internship Program (2023), Client Service



Program Starting Date: June 19, 2023  (10 weeks)

Application Deadline: May 30, 2023

Interview Timeline: June 19, 2022 – May 30, 2023


Looking for a commercial internship where you have autonomy and the ability to make an impact up front? Do you want to work in a high-performance, high-support environment where you manage blue-chip client relationships? If so, the Summer Associate Internship Program is for you.


About AlphaSights

AlphaSights gives investment and business leaders dynamic access to industry professionals and their unique perspectives in real time, so they can make decisions that redefine industries and create a better tomorrow. With 1200+ employees and nine offices across the US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia, AlphaSights regularly ranks as one of the fastest-growing companies in the world. 


The Summer Associate Role

You’ll act as the connection point between our clients and industry experts. Your role is to understand the knowledge our clients need and identify the industry professionals with the precise expertise to meet those needs. You’ll spend considerable time on the phone and email reaching out to people and assessing whether they possess the knowledge our clients seek. Once you’ve found the right expert, you’ll connect them with our clients across a variety of formats (interviews, in-person meetings, surveys, etc.).


This is a fast-paced, sales-oriented role where you’ll work on several client requests at once. There is a clear focus on results and revenue generation — leading to transferable skill development in project management, sales, negotiation, client relationship building, and more.


Your Responsibilities

  • Conduct high-level industry research to understand client requests
  • Search extensively for industry experts across internal databases and external recruiting platforms
  • Recruit experts through warm and cold email and phone outreach
  • Deliver excellent client service through proactive follow-ups and strategic recommendations
  • As an campus ambassador to promote our employer brand 



  • 进行高质量的行业研究以了解客户的要求
  • 通过内部的数据库和外部招聘平台广泛搜索各行业专家
  • 通过Cold Call 和 cold Email的方式招募专家
  • 通过主动跟进项目,为客户提供战略建议从而确保我们卓越的客户服务水平
  • 作为AlphaSights校园大使,宣传和协助招聘&市场推广工作


Those who join our Summer Associate Internship Program will be hired into our core service team, where you’ll propel business growth and client success by helping our clients achieve extraordinary results. 


Core service team: focused on Consulting, Private Equity and Capital Market clients, our CST members break down their requests and knowledge needs, and serve as their strategic partner to ensure they are well-equipped to leverage relevant perspectives across a wide variety of industries and regions. Specialized responsibilities include:

  • Working on multiple client requests simultaneously
  • Identifying industry experts and assessing their suitability for client needs
  • Directly connecting industry experts with clients via 1 on 1 calls
  • Partnering with the Integrated Service team to help clients consume knowledge in other specialized formats