What You’ll Gain as a Recruiting Coordinator at AlphaSights

Searching for a post-grad job is exhausting. You spend hours scouring LinkedIn, submit dozens of applications, sit through countless interviews, and attend networking event after networking event. The hardest part? Sometimes, you don’t even know what you’re looking for, making it more challenging to identify what role might be a good fit. 

Your first job is important. While it may seem overwhelming at first, it’s crucial that you do your research, gain a better understanding of what you’re looking for, and find an entry-level role that will propel your career forward.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help! If you consider yourself a ‘people-person,’ are interested in the world of human capital, or looking into careers in talent acquisition, AlphaSights’ Recruiting Coordinator role could be a perfect fit. In the next few paragraphs, we’ll walk you through what it’s really like to be a recruiting coordinator at AlphaSights, in the hopes that it makes your job search a bit easier.

Recruiting Coordinators Christina, Emma, and
Kelly at our holiday party.

Recruiting at AlphaSights 

Since AlphaSights’ inception in 2008, Recruitment has been an integral function. Our co-founders recognized that the people we hire and invest in ultimately drive our firm’s success, and in order to be a valuable partner to our clients, we need to hire ambitious top talent. We strive to create an inspiring workplace culture, where people feel motivated working alongside other driven individuals every day. We look for more than just credentials and certificates, and recruit based on character attributes. We seek employees who possess our five core values: drive, results-orientation, adaptability, humility, and empathy. Our people embrace a whatever-it-takes mentality and go above and beyond in their daily work. 

So, how do we ultimately find the best talent to achieve this goal? We’ve built out a stellar recruiting function across the globe! Our Recruitment team develops creative strategies to identify and attract world-class candidates, manages recruiting processes and activities, and ensures that the interview process is efficient, effective, and engaging to deliver strong results for our business.

The Recruitment function is split into teams with different targets. Our Campus Recruitment team helps support our Client Service Team’s (CST) hiring needs. They recruit college juniors and seniors across a variety of schools to join AlphaSights in our Associate role. The Specialist and Technical Recruitment team supports hiring needs for our specialist teams, who help bolster our business, such as Software Engineering, Communications, Professional Development, and Human Resources. 

Why should you choose recruiting out of college? Campus Recruiting Coordinator Christina Aguirre shares her view of the field: “In recruiting, you have the power to change lives. It sounds cliché, but as the person who passes an application through, you’re the gatekeeper for candidates’ future opportunities in a firm. The right job can act as a springboard for your career, and is a place where you can make valuable lifelong connections. It’s so rewarding to be someone’s point of contact through the recruitment process, send them their offer letter, and watch them come in on their first day and excel in their role.” 

Our Asia Recruitment team at a job fair

What’s it Like To Be a Recruiting Coordinator

As a Recruiting Coordinator, no two days are the same, but you’ll be exposed to a variety of areas within the field. You’ll work with hiring managers across our various business units to screen resumes and application materials, schedule interviews, facilitate debriefs, and send out offer letters. During the busy campus season, coordinators are also in contact with university or career service organizations to ensure campus visits run smoothly and our company representatives have all the marketing materials they need to successfully attract undergrads.

Recruiting coordinators act as brand ambassadors for our firm— as the first person in contact with prospective candidates, your interaction with them determines their first impression. For Campus Recruiting Coordinator Kelly O’Sullivan, this is her favorite part of the role: “I really enjoy getting the chance to guide candidates through our process. We give candidates a high-touch experience, directing them through every step of our recruitment cycle, answering their questions, and providing assistance as needed. Whether candidates walk away with an offer or not, our goal is to give them the most positive experience possible. Since I’m genuinely proud of AlphaSights’ mission, it’s exciting to represent and reinforce it to people outside the firm.”

The Recruiting Coordinator role at AlphaSights is unique because you’re given the chance to run the pipeline from start to finish, learning the tactical ins-and-outs of recruiting as a function. In addition, due to the tight-knit culture and smaller team size, you’ll gain insight into how VPs and managers craft recruitment strategies— how they determine annual targets, why we hire the people we do, and how extensive research informs the recruiting decisions our firm makes. 

What Can AlphaSights Offer You? 

Our Europe Recruitment team at a New Joiner Social in London

As a Recruiting Coordinator, you’ll join a structured role with a clear career progression from day one. In your first year, you’ll focus on the fundamentals. As you enter year 2, having mastered the basics, you’ll become a Recruiting Associate, responsible for executing and developing strategy, as well as training new joiners on the team. After year 4, you’re eligible to become a Recruiting Manager, with the chance to lead a team. Beyond that, the opportunities are endless! Stephanie Levitt, an associate on our team, advanced through the Coordinator role after joining in July 2018: “As a coordinator, you have the chance to learn the ropes of recruiting and prepare yourself for more responsibility later on. It’s important to master the basics, like scheduling, communicating with different stakeholders, posting jobs, etc., in order to be successful in the associate position. The transition to more complex tasks has come much more naturally thanks to my experience as a coordinator.”

In addition, you’ll be part of a global team of motivated, inspiring professionals who are there to support you every step of the way. Emma McDonald, a Specialist Recruiting Coordinator, identified her team culture as her favorite part of AlphaSights: “The people (on my team and in general) are awesome. Working with such a fun, collaborative, and energized group of people that are constantly rooting for one another feels great and isn’t something most companies have to offer. Everyone appreciates the work we do and always takes time to celebrate wins.” 

If Recruitment at AlphaSights sounds interesting to you, check out our job portal for the most up to date postings. In this role, you’ll gain invaluable experience learning the ins and outs of recruiting, and will set yourself on an advantageous path for a successful career in the field. With the support of an international team behind you, you’ll be empowered to quickly pick up new skills, own a pipeline, and execute on recruiting initiatives. Within the Recruiting Coordinator role, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue an accelerated career path, because at AlphaSights, we believe in granting people responsibility early on and empowering employees to accomplish more than they ever thought possible. If this excites you, apply today or reach out to careers.us@alphasights.com to learn more! 

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