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The World Is Your Oyster: Working With Multiple Languages

July 18 |

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust

With offices in London, New York, Dubai, and Hong Kong, AlphaSights is running around the clock. Every day, our work spans over 100 countries in over 35 languages across multiple time zones and industries. With our proactive, problem-solving attitude, we provide a quick, bespoke service for our clients from all over the world and embrace the unexpected. No day is ever the same for us here in this fast-paced, high-growth environment, which is what I love.

I studied and grew up in the UK but, at the age of 18, I caught the travel bug and was eager to discover more of the world and its people. This led me to live and work abroad in Switzerland, France, Italy, Portugal, and Argentina, where I gained invaluable skills, friends, memories, and a few languages. Some of my best moments are from completely unpredictable and unfamiliar situations: working as a Pirate at Disneyland Paris for the summer, hiking around the Matterhorn with 65 Au Pairs, living with an old Portuguese lady for a month, teaching Spanish to French Engineers, and living alone in a Welsh-speaking part of Argentina (yes, Welsh!) where the nearest big city was a four-hour bus ride away. I learned how to make the most of a situation, make contacts and keep motivated.

I joined AlphaSights in February 2015 and sit on the People Operations team in London. Teaching various levels and types of English at a French University last year got me used to multitasking and critically assessing students’ work. This has helped me to deal with the large volume of applications we receive and the variety of work that we do. In London, we recruit on a rolling basis for graduate roles and placement opportunities. We source top talent from across the globe, regardless of background, country, or language. The only essential factor is proficiency in English, plus the drive, will, and skill to make things happen here.

Here at AlphaSights, you don’t need to have 20 stamps on your passport or be fluent in half a dozen languages, but it helps to have an international outlook and understand the impact we can help to create for our clients looking into various markets. The skills you pick up from international work and life experience really do help you with your journey here: you become more curious, independent, open-minded, and already have been thrown into a good deal of unfamiliar situations to which you have quickly adapted. At AlphaSights, you can use your language skills when conducting initial research on a project, when interacting with advisors – who appreciate you being on their level not just in a business sense but also in a linguistic and cultural sense – and of course with your multinational colleagues! We’re always interested in discovering more about the world and its people, and AlphaSights is a dynamic and exciting environment to put those well-developed skills to good use.

Miranda joined AlphaSights in February of 2015 and served as an Associate on our People Ops team.