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AlphaSights Summer Internship: Your Knowledge Partner for Career Clarity and Exploration

August 27 |

What does it mean to be the “world’s knowledge partner?” At AlphaSights, we connect key decision-makers at corporations, private equity firms, investment funds, and top consulting firms to industry experts with the knowledge they need to make informed business decisions. It’s clear that the knowledge AlphaSights’ advisors provide creates impactful change for many organizations. But being the “world’s knowledge partner” also means that we’re able to provide the same level of clarity and insight to our own people when it comes to professional development and growth. 

Let’s be real. At 21 years old, most people don’t know what they want to do with the rest of their lives. You’re about to graduate from college and supposed to be empowered, accomplished, and equipped with the skills to succeed, but realize you don’t know where to start your career. There’s a world of opportunities out there and college students don’t always have access to all of the information necessary to decide where they want to invest their time. For me, that’s where AlphaSights came in. Through the summer internship program, I was thrown into a fast-paced, high-growth company alongside ambitious and talented employees. In this environment, I had access and exposure to the insights I needed to make my next career decision. 

As a Brand Communications Intern at the New York office, I saw first-hand how AlphaSights is able to not only provide knowledge to our clients, but also to full-time employees and interns like me. Here’s how our business parallels our professional development journey:

Step 1: Identify a Question or Challenge

Our clients are responsible for deciding which business ventures are worth investing in and identifying which markets are profitable to explore. But before we can help a client, we need to understand what specific information they want to discover. Maybe they’re looking to gain a better understanding of major players in the healthcare industry or want to speak to someone with expertise in people management strategies. Either way, it’s crucial to understand exactly what information they’re looking for. 

For AlphaSights’ summer associates, the same process applies. Instead of seeking an answer related to a business decision, most of us are trying to discern which career paths and roles are worth exploring. At AlphaSights, your trainer will meet with you during your first week and identify your goals for the summer. Maybe you’re interested in exploring a particular career path, or perhaps you’re interested in developing certain skills that could lead to another position or area of interest. For me, I really wanted to become more confident in a professional environment. I find I often shy away from speaking my mind, especially in front of my managers. However, my trainer/manager, Natalie De Paz, was able to give me advice and coach me throughout the entire internship. Her guidance and constant, thoughtful feedback helped me grow more confident and secure over these past 10 weeks! I also leaned on our greater global team—Kate Lewis, Brooke Mustain, Adena Berkowitz, and Eason Lu— to share their stories and feedback, growing my knowledge and interest in the field.

Summer Party
Helen and a few of her colleagues at AlphaSights’ Summer Party

Step 2: Research

After identifying the question that a client needs answers to, the next step for an AlphaSights associate is to conduct research into the subject area and professionals with expertise in that area. Associates vet those experts by contacting them and assessing if their expertise matches the client’s knowledge gap. 

During our internship, the same research period applies. Within a few days at AlphaSights, you’ll be exposed to a myriad of career options that you may not have been previously aware of. AlphaSights provides insight into multiple industries, whether it’s finance, banking, or even social impact. Exposure to these industries allows associates to better understand their career options. Perhaps, after speaking with someone at a private equity fund, you realize that their day-to-day role matches your career objectives. That’s a significant piece of knowledge that would have remained undiscovered had it not been for your internship at AlphaSights. 

Step 3: Connect with an Advisor

After an associate finds the best industry professionals for our client to speak with, they’ll arrange a time for an interaction. This opportunity provides the client with the exact industry insights and information they need to make an informed business decision. 

For interns, we connect with the people around us all day, every day! During my internship, I networked with someone in a different AlphaSights segment each week. Whether it was an associate on our private equity team, a VP on our corporate segment, or a manager on our Client Protection team, everyone here is willing to help you navigate through your career aspirations. 

Before this internship, I was curious about a career in law. However, after meeting with a member of the Client Protection team, she helped me realize that this might not be something I’m truly passionate about. In addition, AlphaSights has a dedicated Professional Development (PD) team. PD is made up of trained people who guide you through your career goals, offer insight into specific industries, and teach you how to get to the next step in your professional goals. They make sure your career objectives are realistic and set expectations depending on the industry you’re interested in.

Step 4: Make an Informed Decision

After our clients are connected to an industry professional, they have the knowledge they need to make an informed decision. By leveraging the information they gained from their conversation with an advisor, they’re able to feel confident about the next steps for their business. 

After connecting with my peers and our PD team, it became infinitely easier to make an informed decision about my career goals. Speaking to someone who also went through the exact same emotions, fears, and frustrations make the entire process less intimidating. Now, I know I see myself in a collaborative environment where teamwork (and fun) are critical for success and contribute to an amazing work dynamic. I also realized I love to learn and I want a career where there is always an opportunity to learn new things. I speak on behalf of my peers in saying that as the end of the summer approaches at AlphaSights, you’ll have a greater sense of clarity as to who you are and where you see yourself in the next five years.

A Recap of My Summer at AlphaSights

Helen Misiewicz attends Colgate University and joined AlphaSights as a summer associate on the Brand Communications team for the Summer of 2019.