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AlphaSights: Knowledge Partners With Acumen

July 30 |

At AlphaSights, our core business is in knowledge. We equip our clients with the most relevant on-the-ground expertise, closing their knowledge gaps and informing the critical business decisions they make. As knowledge flows increasingly quickly across borders and industries, facilitated by better digital connectivity, our service is becoming increasingly valuable. By unlocking and making knowledge available to our clients, they gain considerable strategic advantages when looking into new markets and industries.

Recently, it has become clear how our product is of value beyond typical sectors. Expert knowledge has the potential to lead to broader social impact as well – reflecting its critical importance in human progress. This is something that we have explored further this year, with substantial success, through our new partnership with the non-profit global venture fund, Acumen.

Acumen is an organization that uses entrepreneurial approaches to solve the problems of poverty, working to build financially sustainable organizations that bring much-needed goods and services to those at the bottom of the pyramid. Investing in small ventures that operate in complex emerging economies, however, comes with its difficulties. As is the case for any investment fund, the diligence process is one of the most critical aspects of the fund’s work. Recognizing an opportunity to add meaningful value to the organization by applying our core competency, we have partnered with Acumen to provide pro-bono services to the fund when they are carrying out essential research to direct their equity and debt investments to projects that will have the greatest impact.

Providing them with access to highly relevant experts, who have first-hand knowledge of the opportunities the fund is investigating, allows us to leverage our service of accessing knowledge to promote both commercial and social gain. We are excited to play a part in contributing to the innovative and highly successful work of Acumen and look forward to taking this initiative forward, using our capabilities to achieve greater impact in business and beyond.