AlphaSights 2021 Above & Beyond Awards 

Celebrating employees who go the extra mile

Now in its 3rd year running, we’re delighted to announce our summer 2021 Above and Beyond Award winners. Our people are at the heart of everything we do; our Above and Beyond awards are our peer recognition program that rewards employees who go the extra mile for the firm and live by our values every day.

Twice a year, we host the awards ceremony and select five regional winners across the Americas, Europe, Dubai, and Asia. The winners strongly represent our five core values – drive, humility, results, adaptability, and emotional intelligence, and are nominated by the people who know them best: their colleagues.

This summer’s winners

Di Zhang, Client Service Manager SH

“She’s enthusiastic about learning and sharing. I’m constantly amazed by how she helps clients by going beyond what they ask and providing what they really need.’

Leo Hyodo, Client Service Associate TYO

“He always raises his hand to help in times of need and makes everyone working with him feel secured and trusted.’

Harshil Bhasin, Client Service Manager HK

“He has a vast arsenal of conscious and unconscious capabilities in the emotional realm such as humility, compassion, and empathy.’

Kammy Kwan, Professional Development Manager HK

“She’s nothing but supportive, always providing individualised feedback in a truly AlphaSights manner, where after receiving, one feels pumped to implement straight away! To make it even better, her always positive attitude is properly contagious!’

Nikoloz Adeishvili, Client Service Manager DUB

“He’s the personification of teamwork and our AlphaSights values. He always makes sure he goes over and above for the benefit of the whole team – he’s always someone to rely on.’

Anke Kaspar, Client Service Manager HAM

“She did an admirable job growing into her role. She had to take on many responsibilities and while managing the new team dynamics and always considering everybody’s opinions and feelings.’

Christian Hempel, Client ServiceManager HAM

“He introduced a number of new best practices by including everyone’s perspectives and ideas.’

Daniel Yee, Legal Counsel LON

“He’s always focused on getting the best results for both the firm and our clients and he does it all while staying deeply humble.’

Michael Otty, Senior Analyst LON

“He goes above and beyond to give you what you need to be successful. He’s an amazing sparring partner and will brainstorm with you to get the best solution.’

Sarah Rosney, CST Associate LON

“Her support goes above and beyond for every individual on the team regardless of how much work she has on her plate!’

Rachel Courtney, Senior Associate Workplace Experience NY

“Her humble approach and willingness to go the extra mile speaks to her dedication to the company. She always is the first person to extend a helping hand and sincerely cares about her teammates.’

Charlotte Jones, Senior Product Manager NY

“I’ve gotten the chance to work closely with her during my time at AlphaSights and I’m very impressed by her work ethic and determined attitude. She is definitely a person I look up to.’

Olivia O’Loughlin, Client Service Manager NY

“She had an immediate impact on our team’s culture and operating rhythms. She handles the day-to-day operations of our book with such grace and positivity that it permeates to the rest of the team to feel motivated and energized day-in and day-out.’

Kelly Zullinger, Client Service Manager NY

“She possesses exceptional interpersonal skills and is able to apply those as a trainer, manager, and segment leader.’

Cate Chambers, Network Intelligence Manager NY

“She’s an incredibly courageous leader with an unparalleled inner drive to not only make herself and the account better but the firm at large.’

We’re so proud of our employees who continue to challenge the status quo and energize those around them.

Our Cofounder, Max Cartellieri, reflects,

“I am delighted with the number of nominations we receive every year. So many employees are deserving of an award, inspiring others and embracing our values each day. I’m thrilled with the winners this summer, who have pushed the boundaries, exceeded clients’ expectations and pushed the boundaries in making AlphaSights a better place. I would also like to thank the entire AlphaSights team for their contributions over the past six months — you’ve all driven incredible results while remaining agile.’

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