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Early stage DevOps investment


Supporting a private equity firm that specializes in software and technology investments. Confident the DevOps market would soon be highly lucrative, they submitted an early stage bid on a competitive investment opportunity in the monitoring space. Our client wanted to gain deep expertise from DevOps experts with varied experience across testing, monitoring, and deployment to understand the complete cycle and obtain a differentiated breadth of knowledge to gain a competitive advantage.

Solution and Impact 

AlphaSights sourced more than 100 industry professionals across dozens of DevOps companies and facilitated 50 interactions, including calls with 25 c-suite executives and co-founders. Following these interactions, our client gained valuable insight into the DevOps market, firmly positioned themselves as a value-add partner in the highly competitive tech investment landscape, and won the bid to acquire the monitoring company. 

Two of the executives they interacted with were also placed on the board at the newly acquired firm and a further five executives, sourced by AlphaSights, were hired by the private equity firm for exclusive direct engagements to build deeper relationships and pursue future board placements.