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Why AlphaSights

What we do is complex, challenging, and requires the best minds — which is why we’re so focused on building a high-performance, high-support environment where ambitious people come together to individually grow, develop, and collectively achieve something bigger than themselves.

Our mission: Unlocking humanity’s knowledge to power progress for professionals, businesses, and society.
Why join

What makes us different

We’ve created a culture where personal and professional growth are highly valued. As a result, our people consistently push each other to succeed and achieve great things together.


Of employees say the people are what they value most at AlphaSights.

5 years

AlphaSights employees become first time managers ~5 years earlier than elsewhere.


Of our leaders started their careers at AlphaSights.


Our talent processes ensure we have a 0% gender pay gap.


We select ~0.5% of all applicants per year to join us.

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Life at AlphaSights

What makes this a great place to work.

We provide ambitious professionals with an enriching experience, accelerated growth, and the chance to develop to their full potential. We’re a meritocracy — promotion and rewards are based on your results and achievements.


At AlphaSights, you’ll work alongside bright and driven peers. We rigorously select our colleagues to fit with our five core values, and we’re incredibly proud of the collaborative and high-performing team we’ve built around the world. If you join us, expect to work hard, celebrate success often, collaborate intensely, and form lasting friendships with many of your coworkers. 



From day one, you’ll be responsible for delivering on live client projects alongside your team. We entrust you early on to work directly with our blue-chip clients, and to determine with a high degree of autonomy how to best serve their needs. What counts at the end of the day are the measurable results you deliver.



AlphaSights’ vibrant community is built from the bottom up by our employees. We go the extra mile to build teams of people with diverse backgrounds. Through our Employee Resource Groups, we aim to create a sense of belonging for all, you can start new or get involved with existing initiatives from planning team or office events to supporting women’s empowerment, LGBTQIA+ rights, health and wellness, and more. Community building starts with individuals who take action both within and outside of our firm. 

Our Values

Our People Embrace Our Values.

We select and hire talent who share our five core values that our employees embrace and live by every day.

We focus on results — look at every angle of a problem, come up with actionable solutions, and execute on ideas that maximize outcomes. Our success is driven by how much value we provide to our internal and external clients and other stakeholders. Wherever we can, we tie rewards to results and outcomes. 

For us, success begins at the extra mile: we embrace a whatever-it-takes mindset, push ourselves beyond our comfort zones, and challenge ourselves to continuously improve.

Our work is full of changing circumstances so we pivot quickly and think on our feet. We embrace ambiguity and change with confidence and positivity. 

We believe that yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games. We approach every day not with a sense of entitlement, but with a growth mindset. We believe that a better version of ourselves and AlphaSights is always on the horizon.

We believe that the path to our own success starts from the success of others — our clients, our colleagues, and our industry professionals. We actively seek to understand others’ experiences and perspectives, and to build and maintain lasting, trust-based relationships with those whom we encounter. 

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Meet Our People

Diverse people and ideas.

To achieve our mission, we bring together diverse perspectives. We believe everyone matters and that making AlphaSights a diverse, equitable, and inclusive place to work is not only the right thing to do but critical to our firm’s success. We’re committed to going the extra mile to create an equitable environment that supports everyone.

“There’s a culture of growth and progress here where everyone is driven to take companies to levels of success.”
Steven Ma

Our impact

We take great pride in powering progress and supporting our employees and the wider community