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Our values

We're passionate about learning and personal growth.

We love learning from each other whether it’s through paired programming, going to tech talks and architecture reviews, or soaking up knowledge from each other. It’s your responsibility to learn and grow and our responsibility to facilitate that growth by providing a conference and learning budget, 10% sandbox days, and more. Our team is big on transparency; it builds trust and increases productivity. We foster a safe environment to experiment, fail, and learn from our mistakes.

We genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

We believe strongly in humility and treating each other with respect. We cherish the sense of community we’ve built within the team. We like to celebrate our successes together and often, whether it’s heading out for fun team events or team-wide offsites to bond with our colleagues across the globe.

Life is more than just bits and bytes.

We love our work, but we also value life outside of the office. We strive to release well-tested, quality code and follow engineering best practices to avoid stressing about our work outside of office hours. We’re passionate about the quality of our work but don’t think that should limit our other passions off the desk.

Diversity makes for a better team.

We believe the best team brings together unique individuals with a diverse set of backgrounds, personalities, and mindsets. Our team is made up of members from six different continents that have vastly different skill-sets and perspectives. We love and embrace our differences!

We’re not a little cog in a big machine: we make an impact.

We’re here to drive real change in the business. We’re a rapidly growing company that is open to new ideas and innovation. There’s no micro-optimizing some little used feature here, instead we value being able to ship code from day one.

We’re lucky to work closely with our users every day.

We are passionately user-focused. Most of our users are internal, so we enjoy working closely with them to understand their needs and ideas. We have direct access to the feedback and insights that drive our success and encourage us to get creative and try new things. We love getting positive feedback for work well done.

Meet our team

Our software engineering team is made up of individuals from all corners of the globe with different backgrounds and areas of study. Learn more about our engineers’ experiences and career paths by visiting their LinkedIn page.

Culture and perks

We have a fun and collaborative culture that fosters personal relationships and team development. Our budget gives us the chance to spend great social time together, whether at parties, team outings, ski trips, and more.


A global workforce speaking 30+ languages


Conference budget and developer talks

Team events

Monthly budget to bond outside of the office


Full medical, dental, and vision benefits


Generous annual holiday


Pension/401k and subsidized gym memberships


Coffee, fruits and snacks daily — beer and wine to celebrate the week


Speaker events, off-site sports, holiday parties, trips

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