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AlphaSights works with Advisors on an invitation-only basis. If you have been contacted by a member of our team, it is because your knowledge may be relevant to a current project for an AlphaSights client.

The majority of Advisors we work with are not full-time consultants nor are they actively seeking consulting work. As a result, we operate a personal, high-touch service to make sure the interactions arranged are of the highest relevance without wasting time for either our clients or Advisors.

Working with AlphaSights

Once you have been contacted by an AlphaSights Associate for one of our clients’ projects and discussed the possibility of participating in a conversation with our client, we will ask you to confirm our Legal & Compliance framework. This framework sets out the standards of eligibility and conduct for the conversation with our client.

You should assess your participation in an AlphaSights Interaction on a project-by-project basis, ensuring that this does not conflict with any obligations you may currently have in place. Our clients are interested in understanding your perspectives and opinions on a particular sector or industry, and are not looking to discuss any confidential or proprietary information, or any information relating to your current employer.

"AlphaSights are always tremendous to work with - sharp and informed about what the client is looking for."

Former Chief Strategist and Chief Information Officer, Banking and Finance.

"The client was curious and engaging, this provided an easy atmosphere to conduct the conversation."

Former Chief Operating Officer, Telecommunications.

"This was my first experience of an expert interaction and it was surprisingly very straightforward from start to finish."

Former CEO, Medical Devices.

"You guys at AlphaSights are truly professional because you matched your clients well with the Advisors."

Head of Risk Management, Global Reinsurance.

"Exciting interaction: it was a matter of tremendous breadth covering technicals, global markets, the supplier value chain, utilities and end users."

Former Chief Operating Officer, Energy and Utilities.


When our clients are looking for knowledge in a given field, we search for relevant Advisors for that particular project. We then connect our clients directly with Advisors for telephone conversations and in-person meetings which may sometimes lead to longer term collaboration.

We receive consistent feedback from Advisors that the calibre of these connections makes for intellectually engaging conversations. Advisors appreciate the impact of their insights and are also offered the option of a charitable donation in their name or compensation for the time spent.

Advisors speak to investment professionals, decision-makers and executives at the world’s leading investment funds, corporations and consultancies. Through our Knowledge For Good (KFG) initiative, Advisors may also speak to professionals from innovative non-profits who are tackling some of the world’s most important and challenging social problems.

You are eligible to become an AlphaSights Advisor as long as you do not violate any obligations that you may have to a third party, including employment agreements and non-compete clauses. You must also evaluate whether participating in an AlphaSights interaction would present a conflict of interest.

AlphaSights never seeks to set up interactions between direct current or future competitors, or set up calls that would establish a conflict of interest. We have industry-leading compliance frameworks in place to account for these factors, and our team will also help you evaluate whether your current role and/or obligations would constitute a conflict of interest.

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