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What We Do

Provide Access to Globally Distributed Knowledge

Operating 24/7 from nine global offices, our 1,500+ highly skilled people work alongside our clients as one team to provide them with dynamic access to globally distributed industry professionals and their unique perspectives.

Our Story

Growth over the years

Map of the world
Client Expert
Map of the world
  • 2008
    Founded in London
  • 2010
    50 employees
  • 2011
    New York &
    Hong Kong
    office opens
  • 2012
    Dubai office opens
    100 employees
  • 2015
    San Francisco
    & Seoul
    office opens
  • 2016
    Shanghai office opens
  • 2017
    Hamburg office opens
    500 employees
  • 2018
    Tokyo office opens
  • 2021
    1200+ employees across 9 global
    offices providing clients
    with 24/7 support
Unlocking humanity’s collective knowledge powers progress for all
What We Believe

Humanity’s collective knowledge is massively underutilized — it’s dispersed across millions of minds, hard to find, and cumbersome to access. We believe that human knowledge is the key to progress, prosperity, and the creation of a better future.

We take great pride in our mission to unlock humanity’s knowledge and power progress for professionals, businesses, and society.

It is inspiring to see how we can truly empower our clients by giving them access to industry professionals.
employee client service team

Our Accomplishments

We’re an award-winning company and proud to be recognized as an employer of choice.

2022 Best Places to Work New York City, Built In

2022 Best Places to Work Bay Area, Built In

Our Impact

Giving Back

Powering progress, giving back and having a positive impact is important to us. We do this through a variety of AlphaImpact initiatives:

Our KFG partners take innovative approaches to improving the quality of life, environmental conditions, and opportunity for people around the world. 

We connect them at little to no cost with industry professionals who can help them drive meaningful change and lasting impact.

  • Diversity. We strive to build diverse teams, so we heavily invest in identifying and attracting top talent with diverse backgrounds and experiences.
  • Equity. Fair and equal treatment is in our DNA. Our processes, culture and values are designed to ensure everyone is treated equitably and with respect.
  • Inclusion. Our community is vibrant and we want all employees to have a feeling of belonging at AlphaSights. Through our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) we provide support and community for employees globally.
  • Provide a space for belonging, inclusion and camaraderie among members
  • Raise awareness and share knowledge about each respective community
  • Offer professional development, networking and cultural appreciation opportunities
  • Support the recruitment of diverse candidates to advance our goals of hiring and elevating more underrepresented groups
  • Support and help advance our diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging goals while fostering individual career advancement

Our main groups are:

  • AKIN@AS (Asian Knowledge Inclusion Network). Our mission is to foster an inclusive community by allowing people of varied backgrounds to connect and celebrate the attributes that characterize the Asian/Asian American working experience. We’re a community of AlphaSights employees who gather through celebration, education, and collaboration. 
  • Pride@AS. Our mission is to foster a sense of overall belonging for all employees regardless of sexual orientation/identity or gender identity by cultivating a community where individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+ or as an ally, feel included and represented. 
  • PRISM@AS (People Rising in Support of Multiculturalism). Our mission is to create a more inclusive environment for black and brown employees empowering them through their professional journeys at AlphaSights and beyond.
  • WIN@AS (Women’s Initiative Network). Our mission is to enhance the careers of professional women by providing opportunities both inside and outside the office to network, share information, acquire skills, and develop rewarding professional relationships. 
  • Parents@AS. Our mission is to connect parents at AlphaSights with expertise and resources to help improve their employee experience. 
  • Philanthropy@AS. Our mission is to maximize our impact on communities through employee philanthropic engagement and advisor donations. With the belief that knowledge fuels progress, we’re committed to breaking down barriers and giving organizations access to the support they need to reach their ambitions while supporting the well-being of our colleagues and firm.
  • Sustainability@AS. Our mission is to create a platform for AlphaSights employees to become more informed about and engaged with environmental issues and solutions, and to drive change within the firm to make it a greener, more environmentally-friendly workplace. 
  • Active@AS. Our mission is to promote the physical and mental well-being of AlphaSights’ employees by bringing them together through various sports (e.g. softball, soccer or basketball) while having fun.
  • Latinos@AS. Our mission is to recruit, support, and develop self-identifying Latinx employees at AlphaSights
  • We measure and monitor the scope of our emissions on an ongoing basis
  • We analyze our climate impact and create reduction strategies across our operations
  • We neutralize our remaining carbon footprint through the purchase of high quality offsets
  • Providing employees an opportunity to work with and support our philanthropic partners.
  • Giving our industry professionals the option to donate their remuneration for participating in an interaction to one of our charity partners.



  • Cycle For Survival (CFS)
  • All Hands & Hearts Smart Response (All Hands)
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area
  • Sunrise Association
  • Access Institute
  • Waves for Change
  • Feeding America